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Mama Tierra’s philosophy (which means “mother earth” in Spanish) is that tasty, healthy and quality cuisine should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, it generously offers well-priced dishes that have the “intimacy” of our food culture (eat vegan moussaka with béchamel from coconut milk or eggplant sutzukaki with homemade tomato sauce!) as well as suggestions that reinvent classic gastronomy.

The wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals that one can pick from a vegetarian and vegan kitchen is truly mind-blowing. Chef Polash Alam looks back on memories, experiences and flavors from every corner of the planet, to create healthy options that will be unforgettable.

In Mama Tierra’s kitchen fresh raw materials and high-quality spices are used for the preparation of our dishes. Most of them are organic, coming from local producers, in an effort to highlight the quality and richness of Greek products.

Taste the Difference at Mama Tierra: Your Vegan
Food Heaven
Taste the Difference at Mama Tierra:
Your Vegan Food Heaven

At Mama Tierra you can enjoy moussaka in its most delicious vegan version, with béchamel made from coconut milk and organic black beans, baked eggplant sutzukaki flavored with spices and homemade tomato sauce, burritos, mushroom melt wraps and burgers that will excite your palate, as well as a wide variety of savory & sweet dishes, all made in its open kitchen, a breath away from your eyes.

They said
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Simple, with beautiful touches, joins vegetarian and vegan people who find here their paradise. The rest of us, we discover the taste of food prepared with knowledge and lots of love
Maya Parikh
Very good food at a decent price! A great way to experience vegan versions of traditional Greek foods, and plenty of options outside of Greek cuisine as well. Service was excellent.
Elena Chatz
Cute place, adorable staff, amazing food! I'm not even vegetarian/vegan, but found the whole experience very enjoyable! Can't wait to visit again!
Food was really good, I had the mousakas and baklava for dessert. The portions were generous and the staff was really nice and helpful!
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Mama Tierra
Operating hours :
Mon – Sat: 13:00 – 22:00
Delivery hours:
Mon – Sat: 13:00 – 21:50
Mama Tierra
Acropolis-Vegan Street food
Operating hours :
Mon – Sun: 13:00 – 22:00
Delivery hours:
Mon – Sun: 13:00 – 21:50
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